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41 Madison dates set until 2020

The bi-annual dates for The New York Tabletop Show's Spring/Fall seasons have been released right up to 2020

The New York Tabletop Market at Forty One Madison has set dates for upcoming show weeks through 2020. While the 2015 timing – April 14-17 and October 13-16 – was announced well over three years ago, the subsequent schedule for the Spring/Fall seasons is now planned:

2016: April 12-15; September 27-30
2017: April 4-7; October 17-20
2018: April 10-13; October 9-12
2019: April 2-5; October 1-4
2020: March 31 – April 3; October 13-16

The New York Tabletop Market, now in its 40th year, continues to be the ultimate show in North America for all that’s new and innovative globally in the tabletop merchandise category. Based at Forty One Madison, it features more than 160 brands housed in 80 showrooms occupying 21 floors.

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