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Ambiente 2017 reveals trend presentation

Trend consultants bora.herke.palmisano to provide an impressive display for theme ‘sustainability inspiring’ as they stage the 2017 Ambiente Trends

From 10 to 14 February 2017, the Trend Bureau bora.herke.palmisano will offer a spectacular presentation of the current trends in four scenarios: Delicate Structures, Honest Materials, Jjumbled Patterns and Notable Shapes.

The notion 'sustainably inspiring' has become a leitmotif for the 2017 Ambiente trends. These trends take their inspiration from the latest currents in design, art, fashion and architecture. As the leading international trade fair for the consumer-goods sector, Ambiente reflects the trends in the areas Living, Giving and Dining in a way that no other event does.

In creating the four scenarios, the trend experts will have selected products from the collections of almost 4,400 Ambiente exhibitors, thus bringing the trends of the future to life with actual examples. Refined, authentic, fanciful, elegant – the trends at Ambiente cover a wide spectrum and offer an overview of the entire sector and its new products. 

“The four styles bring together the key features that will inspire the new season in 2017. On the one hand, importance is given to shapes and textures that are inspired by nature and are reflected in a relatively discreet approach to design; on the other hand, there is a focus on a degree of care and a certain credibility in the way materials are handled, with a view to creating good quality, genuinely authentic products,” says Annetta Palmisano from the bora.herke.palmisano Trend Bureau. 

Patterns and motifs are combined in a whimsical, sometimes apparently chaotic patchwork. In contrast, there are clean-lined designs, sculptural in form and full of character, aimed at a traditionally modern elegance. There will be a brochure to provide information, in advance of the show, about trends in colours, the use of materials and ways of combining different styles. 

The four trend scenarios will be presented in the special display in Galleria 1 throughout Ambiente and in exclusive lectures for the wholesale and retail trade at 12pm and 3pm in the Symmetrie room in Hall 8.1.

Delicate Structure
Filigree structures and textures are inspired by nature. With the help of innovative manufacturing and finishing processes, they create refined, approachable surfaces. They invite the observer to touch them and provide distinctly sensual pleasure. Ice crystals, the surface effects of water, leaf structures, sand shaped by the wind – elaborately worked surfaces, 3D printing and laser sintering replicate natural phenomena, producing breathtakingly artistic designs.

Honest Materials
High-quality craftsmanship with a commitment to design keeps traditions alive. A meticulous approach to the original materials creates products that are grounded in the earth, that are as unostentatious as they are durable. Simple looks with the charm of the irregular – earthenware, enamel, cast iron, linen and a colour palette ranging from wood to berries are the things that characterise this new trend that is set to sweep through our homes.

Jumbled Pattern
A homage to carefree youth, an invitation to let the imagination roam free: in the untamed chaos of patterns and motifs, the frankly fanciful plays an equal role alongside the nostalgic and the ingenious. In this creative smorgasbord of style, the geometrical meets the representational, the bizarre meets the naive, vintage meets a home-made look. Bright colours set the tone here – and toys, buttons and emblems create cheerful accents. 
Notable Shapes
A clean-lined and characterful interior design with strong silhouettes defines traditional modern elegance anew. The epicentre is sculptural form, self-confident, monolithic and heavily charged. Dense materials, dark hardwoods, leather, velvet, marble and metal produce contrasting surfaces – and in striking combinations, too, with some unforgettable inlay-effects, diamond motifs and geometrical patterns.

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