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Bauscher to show at Hamburg

Porcelain specialist Bauscher will presents its new porcelain articles and elegant patterns at the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg from 13 -18 March

Porcelain specialist Bauscher is scheduled to present its new elegant and functional tabletop items at the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg, from 13 -18 March in Hall B7, Booth 410.

A special highlight on the Bauscher exhibition stand will be the new elegant ‘Purity Colors’ patterns developed for the successful Purity collection. Bauscher will also unveil new additions to the established Come4Table collection. Refreshing new bold-coloured pattern ideas for the assisted-living catering segment will also be shown in Hall A4, Booth 104– ‘Tableware systems’.

Purity Colours’: Poised presence in a variety of style situations
Bauscher will present elegant pattern concepts for the successful new Purity collection with ‘Purity Colours’. With its pure aesthetics and intricate body,
Purity provides the perfect stage for a range of current international food ideas. The collection is setting impressive new standards
For tableware in first-class addresses around the world – it has been proving its worth in upmarket restaurants and international Michelin-starred
Hotels since early 2014.

The ‘Purity Colours’ pattern ideas range from the already introduced ‘Finest Loom’ and ‘Blooming Shades’ motifs to the new, delicate ‘Noblesse’ color concept.
With this rich diversity of patterns, ‘Purity Colours’ underscores not only the elegance, but also the versatility, of the collection.

Elegant and classic: fine lines in gold and silver-grey
The extraordinary intricacy of the body of Noble China, the revolutionary hard porcelain from which the Purity collection is made, is emphasised in the
new ‘Noblesse Gold’ ‘Classic Gold’ and ‘Classic Silvergray’ patterns through fine gold and silver-grey lines. These classically elegant patterns are given a modern makeover in combination with the subtle BoneWhite colour of the porcelain.

Soft pastel worlds: ‘Noblesse’
The clean color bands accentuated with gold lines in the ‘Noblesse’ patterns combine the design austerity of Purity with modern colour impressions.
Finely-graduated pastel shades, such as those on plates and platters, provide a lively play of colours – from fragile yellow through graceful rose shades to lofty greens and blues. These are combined with cups, mugs and bowls on which, rather than color patterns, the intricate lines of the ‘Noblesse Gold’ pattern are highlighted to complete the overall exquisiteness of the food presentation.

Perfectly blending into the overall picture, the elegant service plates take up the green, blue and rose shades of the ‘Noblesse’ bands and combine them dramatically in the three coordinated colour harmonies of ‘Noblesse Garden’, ‘Lake’and ‘Roses’.

Come4table: Generous hospitality and elegance
A modern interpretation of traditional hospitality is offered by the established Come4table BAUSCHER collection through a new plate range with contemporary proportions.
"The trend is clearly natural and traditional – in gourmet food as well," says Manuela Küfner, Head of Marketing at Bauscher.

"We are responding to this development by connecting tried and tested shapes with new elements with a classically elegant style. In this way, we are staging traditional hospitality in a modern setting." Newly introduced plates with flat rims and a classic style in six different sizes now complete the range. They are oriented to established dimensions – the familiar plates with steep rims are each supplemented by a new elegant variation with a flat rim. Through these additions, caterers now have the flexible options to ensure they can find the right porcelain for any culinary concept.

Two new quality gourmet plates with accentuated wells and generous proportions leaving plenty of room for the exclusive meal presentation also embody the essence of contemporary elegance.

The Come4table collection offers caterers an entirely new array ingeniously combining rustic and classic elements to yield contemporary forms–for use in cozy inns and modern wine bars alike.

Vibrant dining culture and quality of life at an advanced age Bauscher has added two stylish innovations to the popular pattern selection for assisted-living catering to improve quality of life and provide varied dining experiences in old age.
Patterns consisting of fine polka dots or refined structures are now also included in the Dialog and Dimension collections. They are available in different colour variations and, with their stark contrasts, fulfil the same function asthe beloved brush stroke effects do.

Colourful patterns are important inseniorand care homes as well as in assisted-living homes and mobile services: they create a relaxed atmosphere, bring a cheerful mood to daily living and provide an orientation aid. The richly-coloured patterns of Bauscher feature strong contrasts which are especially helpful for people with poor eyesight, to
aid in perceiving and handling tableware. For instance, they indicate where the well of a plate ends or make the handles on cups and mugs considerably more visible.
This gives people with limited mobility and sensory perception increased independence and safety when eating, making them less dependent on others for help and allowing them to feel that their needs are being met.

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