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Home London to see increase in craft

In line with current trends, carefully crafted, handmade products expected to be more prevalent at the design-led show in London in January

Home, Craft and Top Drawer, has always had an undercurrent of handmade products, but for 2015 there is expected to be a significant increase in this sector from exhibitors.

Naturally Craft attracts the designer-makers and artisans, but carefully crafted, handmade products can now frequently be discovered in Home and Top Drawer.

Handmade is more than just a passing trend; the recent rise in successful new retailers and publications that specialise and celebrate crafts which are rich in tradition and heritage, show that there is indeed a shift in our thinking. There is a growing desire in consumers wanting to know of the process and traceability of products, rather than just focusing on the finished object. 

In some areas we see brands taking traditional crafts and merging them with new technologies, such as 3D printing, demonstrating how the two extremes can work together.

Here is a taster of some handmade highlights from Home 2015:

Makers & Merchants - Stand H19
At Home, Makers & Merchants will be showcasing their exclusive range of homewares. Two amazing terracotta serveware ranges, Bates and Nuno, have been produced exclusively for Makers & Merchants in the heart of Portugal in a family pottery owned by a third generation of passionate potters. These collections perfectly complement their artisan food ranges that launched last year, which will also be showcased at Home.

Forma House - Stand D15
Forma House will be introducing a stunning mix of soapstone tabletop and barware products by SPARQ Home. Hand-crafted in the USA, Steven Chavez and Justin English, the founders of the brand, have a real passion for preserving this mineral. Generally when drilled, soapstone breaks into smaller pieces and is therefore useless to many industries, such as kitchen worktop producers and the like. This range of contemporary vessels utilises the waste soapstone transforming it into something beautiful and useful.

Home, alongside Top Drawer and Craft, is scheduled to take place January 11-13, 2015 at Olympia, London.

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