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HOMI to open doors tomorrow

The second edition of the Italian lifestyle show set to deliver the finest products when it opens in Milan tomorrow

A new way of experiencing the home has changed the tastes and the habits of Italians, altering their key markets and distribution channels: customisation, multi-cultural values and an interest in trends associated with style are the keys to this change and these are also the factors that inspired HOMI, the project by Fiera Milano to bring the public in contact with new ideas in design.

Having had a positive launch in January, HOMI is now about to open its design-friendly doors on the second exhibition - scheduled at Fiera Milano from tomorrow (Saturday 13 to Tuesday 16 September 2014) confirming a concept which places people and new trends for the home at its centre.

HOMI’s new character is expressed and confirmed for this second exhibition through its satellites on particular themes, designed to translate the concept of HOMI into a concrete experience, through settings with a strong emotional impact within a layout which integrates areas of the exhibition with new areas devoted to business, socialising and experimentation.

So, in addition to the HOMI satellites – focusing on Living Habits, Home Wellness, Fragrances & Personal Care, Fashion & Jewels, Gifts & Events, Garden & Outdoor, Kid Style, Home Textiles
And Hobby & Work – there are other special areas with a particular theme and function, with the aim of making any visit to the exhibition an enriching, satisfying experience.

A layout that begins with the Welcome Area, situated at the entrance to the halls, and continues with the Format Stores, an exhibition concept based on new lifestyles, offers new kinds of experience, as well as new suggestions for change through product offerings.

Two macro-areas within the exhibition area identify with the spirit of HOMI: HOMI Special, which offers innovative proposals and interesting new versions of older formulas, and HOMI Sperimenta, areas focusing on research and development, with projects and proposals from young designers and artists. Both represent the products and the product sectors of the halls where they are located, broadening and further enhancing the offering for trade professionals visiting the show.

Then there’s HOMI MAKER DESIGN AWARD, the competition open to in-house production in the home decor and lifestyle sector, geared towards designers under 35 who are making their debut in the design industry. It’s a contest organised jointly with Artex – the Centre for Artistic and Traditional Tuscan Handicrafts. Finally, as well as the actual exhibition space, there are leisure areas like Area Ritual, which adds the dimension of taste and food by offering top products from the sector; and the friendly Business Lounge, a place where trade professionals and buyers can get together in a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere.

Although HOMI’s experience of style tends to focus on the exhibition, it is also complemented by collateral initiatives. In fact, this edition, HOMI will be introducing HOMISPHERE, a new exhibition concept, reflecting new lifestyles and focusing on such key sectors as food and wine, hospitality and contract furniture. HOMISPHERE, which targets a market segment of people in search of taste, comfort, design and exclusiveness, is a platform which suggests innovative formats for hospitality and food, offering them to visitors with typical Italian taste and elegance in three separate exhibition itineraries, where attractive settings and inter-company relations point towards new frontiers for hospitality.

At the centre of the special areas, HOMI CREAZIONI and THE FORMAT STORE
HOMICREATIONS, there will be artistic craftsmanship… think Italian and international companies - often small – working in the sectors of furniture accessories, textiles and decorations and producing very high levels of technical and manual skills. In the HOMI Creations Design sector, you will find innovative, unusual and inspirational motives for the creative products here. It’s an ‘enclosure’ of talent that enables and facilitates the meeting between new creative talents with buyers, businesses, enthusiasts and industry experts in search of trends, products and creative suggestions to market.

Also taking place in the SPERIMENTA areas of Living Habits’ satellite will be the presentation of winners of the HOMI MAKER DESIGN AWARD, the open competition for the in-house production in the home decoration and lifestyle sectors. The contest is geared towards designers under 35 who are making their debut in the design industry.

HOMI hortus is an actual botanical garden model inside the Living Habits satellite. Here style, design and concepts associated with the earth and with culture all interact harmoniously. It’s an imaginary greenhouse that is full of passion. Here, products from various leading companies are placed in relation to the real world of nature and its normal daily transformation. As always, everything is meant to have a certain stylistic feel and is especially meant to generate new business ideas, without which, HOMI
couldn’t exist.

HOMI will present three separate exhibition itineraries: “H+CULTURA”, “H+NATURA”, “H+RELAX”, which connect companies with complementary products and sectors to generate new business. These are scenarios, settings and display of hospitality products represented by the elegant HOMI style.

H+NATURE The scenographic and commercial settings of this area which guide the new HOMI traveller are marked by an active attitude towards nature. Products and services, are linked together to build special settings blur the line between home, nature and person. H+CULTURE is a new exhibition style which matches the hospitality food language with the language of contemporary art gallery, creating situations to live in a unique way through the products of the participating companies. 10 exhibition suites with ideas and products that revolve around food and new citizens social models: “+” culture “+” pleasure. H+RELAX Scenographic and exhibition spaces are treated in an harmonious way to animate the emotions of an exclusive hospitality that brings the happy moments of an ideal and long lasting journey in the daily reality.

LA MAGNIFICA FORMA 2.0 restarts the second edition of the show that presented in January an overview of "special items", designed by great designers and manufactured by important Italian companies, many of whom were inspired by masterpieces of the major museums in Milan. The new trial covers the topic of the table and its equipment; the inspiring element is the "historic banquet" of the Roman, Medieval and Renaissance period, marked by a new crossing between contemporary design and Italian artistic tradition.

An abstract itinerary with eight stages and with an
equal number of environments. Walls are transformed into something one can enter into to feel part of a new reality that tells of the private theatre of our existence. Walls that communicate with people, a voyage in which objects with a seductive appeal tell something about us. A path that has two themes – aesthetic and olfactory – in which decorative motifs and jewels meet the sophisticated essences of irresistible notes, revealing elusive synergies among worlds that seem to be distant but that are extraordinarily close.

HAND AND TERRACOTTA by Maria Christina Hamel - Organised by Milano Makers. In addition to her work as a designer, Maria Christina Hamel has always looked for new ways to express herself with ceramics. In this exhibition, a group of experienced artists worked under Hamel’s guidance while all using the same technique. Inspiration comes from Richard Sennet in his book “The Craftsman,” in which he cites Kant who said that “the hand is the window on to the mind.”

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