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Homi’s Design Competition spotlights Sharing

Homi will be showcasing the prototypes selected for the new edition of
Design Competition Condivisione, which focuses on Sharing

One-of-a-kind objects, original ideas and design choices that are innovative and teem with personality. All rigorously below one metric cube in size and all united by the same theme: Condivisione, or Sharing.

This edition of Design Competition (launched February 7 and concluded March 20, 2017) has established the 40 projects that best interpret the theme of Sharing, and subsequently applied to some of the main sectors at Homi, including articles for the table and kitchen. 

These are the characteristics of the 40 design ideas developed by young designers chosen through the 2017 edition of Design Competition Condivisione, which puts young designers below the age of 35 in contact with small and medium sized manufacturing companies in the Lombardy region. Some 79 young designers who attended prestigious Lombard schools of design, fashion, architecture and engineering applied to take part in the initiative, alongside 69 Lombard manufacturing companies who share a design-oriented vision.

The most mundane of materials, such as wood or more sophisticated options including metal alloys, have proven the most popular once again: they come to life and are transformed by the creativity of the young designers, who are ready to share their projects with the Lombard companies, which are motivated to produce them and make them available for use in our various living spaces.

Of the proposals at this edition, many constitute furnishings, work stations or small and engaging play stations, lamps that re-model spaces with innovative lighting engineering solutions and reinventions of classic and must-have accessories.

The objects are complicit with the sharing of spaces: they adapt, are assembled and disassembled to allow for different usage solutions; they play with the creativity of those who possess them and can be moved anywhere and everywhere to satisfy the needs and tastes of all, variable in form, always useful, ‘friends’ of those who share our spaces.

The projects will be previewed at Homi September 2017, September 15-18, within a dedicated area where the selected designers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their prototypes, alongside the companies involved in the project.

Design Competition Condivisione, in fact, offers companies an opportunity to find new flagship products for their commercial target audience, enabling them to renew their product offering and explore new niche markets through innovative and fresh proposals. An opportunity that unsurprisingly also has positive repercussions for the designers, who are able to include an important collaboration in their CVs and be noticed in the outstanding industrial design circuit.

For Homi, this initiative once again cements its role as a possible shop window for talent and style, an incubator of ideas and a meeting place amidst a climate of creativity, professionalism and production and sales strategies.

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