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Top table events at Homi

From tables inspired by the Historic Banquet to the themed concept of Enjoy The Table, new table-worthy events will take centre stage at the upcoming Italian lifestyle show

Italian lifestyle show Homi Milano was designed to be a great experience extending beyond the visit and product display.

The show, which is scheduled for September 12-15 and will take place alongside Expo 2015 World Fair in Milan, calls upon the visitor to use their imagination and experience creativity while understanding the foundations and basing them on new concepts and new methods of presentation.

As a result, besides the fringe events and those devoted to product display, the show will include a number of innovative dimensions, through spaces designed ad hoc. 

La Magnifica Forma
La Magnifica Forma is based on the concept of interaction between Italian production history and artistic heritage, the search for new opportunities to bring additional visibility to the Italian museum with the patronage of MIBAC (Ministry of cultural heritage and art and tourism), the Regione Lombardia, and the City of Milan.

With its skills and with the production organisations it represents, Homi is the ideal site to put online the excellence of the Italy’s work and the work of small businesses as well as innovation and applied technology. 

The fourth edition of this experimental workshop will be held during the Expo 2015 World’s Fair and will be dedicated to food. It will feature seven tables inspired by the Historic Banquet, which spans seven distinct time periods: Ancient Rome, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, Futurist, and Rationalist.

Under the artistic direction of architect Anna Del Gatto, Stefano Casciani, Dorota Koziara, Ugo La Pietra, Denis Santachiara, Luca Scacchetti, and Carlo Rampazzi will stage seven banquets and, inspired by the great works of art, will revisit them in a modern key, while working with 20 junior designers who will enjoy a unique experience and training opportunity.

Enjoy The Table
Cooking means flavour, as well as colours and shapes. Sensory beauty brings together fragrance and colour, flavours and textures. All of this is identified in Enjoy The Table, a new event organised by the Associazioni ART, Arti della Tavola e del Regalo, and ALTOGA, the Association of Lombard coffee roasters and importers and food wholesalers, and promoted by Confcommercio Milano Lodi Monza e Brianza.

Enjoy The Table includes day-long theme events devoted to Celebration, Tradition, Wellness and Street Food, whose common denominator is sharing and participation: hospitality, culture, sustainability and innovation. Demonstrations, product training, and show cooking will deliver the pleasure of discovery and creativity will be the ingredients that distinguish this experimental table.

Homi Milano will take place September 12-15 at Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy.

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