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HOMI to deliver new concepts in dining

The upcoming lifestyles show in Milan will forecast the future of home living with a focus on The Table and a spotlight on Japanese style

New concepts in dining, style breakthroughs, and form as fashion - HOMI, the Lifestyle Trade Fair organised by Fiera Milano, scheduled to take place at fieramilano from January 29 to February 1 2016, will again deliver visual surprises and delights from a host of different perspectives.

A leisurely tale of objects and accessories for both the home and its inhabitants - born of insights, design skills and ideas that evolve into prototypes and then become bestselling products capable of changing our lives and becoming part and parcel of who we are.

This is the path followed by HOMI, the event that it is becoming increasingly renowned as a trend incubator spacious enough to accommodate everything from young design start-ups to ambassadors of top quality craftsmanship, both large and small, and from Italy’s best known and best loved labels to major international corporations. All this to offer trade visitors a privileged perspective on tastes and trends.

The Table: Life and Soul of the Party
HOMI has leveraged its unrivalled experience to showcase new and original approaches towards social gatherings and myriad new party concepts.

From big family lunches to brunch on the patio with friends and summer meals under the stars, the table offers innumerable opportunities to tell a welcoming story and make an impressive style statement.

This January, HOMI is shining the spotlight on the table. Visitors will have the chance to see next-generation cookware made out of high-tech materials, energy-efficient shapes designed to conduct heat more effectively, ingenious water ovens that are a convenient, efficient and space-saving option that can also be used for low-temperature sous-vide cooking. The handy “multi-Pot” is another amazing power-saving offering that can perfectly cook different foods simultaneously even with different cooking times.

Eastern Flavours: Japanese art and taste

With an initiative entitled Sulle orme di Hokusai (On the waves of Hokusai) the Hokusai Project Association has chosen HOMI as a backdrop for an exhibition of ukiyo-e prints inspired by the Japanese painter and engraver Katsushika Hokusai, whose works also influenced Western culture through the artist Van Gogh, the impressionist painter Monet and the composer Debussy.

Enshrined in the event is the new wave of Japonism that today is merging the traditional Japanese aesthetic with modern, contemporary sensibility.

A special area will host countless Japanese products reproducing Hokusai’s famous prints, together with a selection of Japanese dolls much loved by otaku (fans of Japanese culture) all over the world.

Ukiyo-e prints depicting the Hossho Temple and other Hokusai originals, brought to Milan directly from Japan, will also be on display.

The Association will also be celebrating Japan and Hokusai by presenting several special varieties of green and powdered matcha tea, A group of Japanese artists will be displaying their works depicting Hokusai’s designs using traditional Venetian blown-glass techniques, creating a stirring blend of different aesthetic tastes and flavours of Japan, whose culture never ceases to enchant and amaze.

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