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Homi gears up for September show

From the challenges of the digital age to protecting the Italian artistic heritage, Homi returns from September 16-19 to surprise once more

Changing, while remaining the same. This is Homi Milano, the Italian Lifestyles Show. And the upcoming September show, taking place September 16-19, is ready to tell a new story through new ideas and concepts, while rediscovering successful experiences and hosting original and new events, all under the banner of changing style.

New this edition is Dream-Desire-Design (DDD), a space dedicated to creative talents in international design. DDD will play host to a selection of the best new products created and produced in nine international countries. Playing a starring role in this area will be the most innovative creations from design companies in Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, the UK, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and, Hungary.

Staying on the theme of originality, Homi will afford space to three international collectives from Egypt, India and Japan that will represent a window onto the new aesthetics and styles. Three companies with unique sensibilities will open a vista onto the style of textiles and decor, bijoux and jewellery, and decorating accessories.

The start button is pressed on one of the key stages in the major initiative Design Competition - Creatività3, designed to shine a light on new talents in design. The initiative, organised by the Regione Lombardia in partnership with Unioncamere Lombardia, ADI – the Industrial Design Association, will bring to HOMI 39 emerging designers who, supported by the same number of companies, will debut their prototypes.

Also new is Homi Smart, a project focusing on the area of new technology merged with design: an incubator of ideas as well as, most importantly, a place to find answers and solutions. Produced in association with IDLAb, HOMI Smart tackles the world of design 2.0 by identifying trends that bring innovative technologies together with sharp new opportunities to add value to objects.

The new dimensions in communication and style are fertile terrain for generating new ideas, creating interest and doing business in the ever-vibrant galaxy of home décor and accessories design.

Digital technologies make it possible to communicate one’s brand in an innovative way, making the consumer an integral part of the product marketing process and involving them thanks to the new formulas of communication, such as enhanced realty or immersive reality.

From a future that changes tradition to tradition that is revived to inspire the future.

La Magnifica Forma confirms its place at the next edition of HOMI. Inspired by the exchange between design and the Italian artistic heritage, La Magnifica Forma takes original new design objects to tell the story of the many opportunities offered by museum design. With a view to providing guidelines for best practices to use in merchandising and promoting museums, La Magnifica Forma will once again lend Italian museum directors the results of its invaluable and lengthy research work. 

The next edition of the event will be dedicated to the brand new collection of objects inspired by the Royal Palace of Caserta, recognised with a Special Project designation by the MiBACT, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. The research will aim at heightening the value of Italian expertise with the construction of a remarkable collection of fabric, crystal, bronze alloys, silver pieces, glass, porcelain and Majolica, coral, marble, jewellery, and mosaic art, brought together in a backdrop that pays tribute to the beauty of the palace and its grounds.

HOMI Milano takes place September 16-19, 2016.

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