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Homi Milano reveals trends

With just a few days to go until Homi Milano opens its design-friendly doors, the Italian lifestyle show highlights trends to see at the show

It's just a few days to go until the Autumn edition of international lifestyle fair, Homi Milano, will opens its doors  - taking place September 12-15 - taking place this year alongside Expo 2015.

Homi is renowned as trend-spotting and trend-setting event, tickling the imagination of its visitors and offering inspiration for trends in the home. In the run-up to the show, Homi reveals some of the latest trends on the horizon, which will be on show at the fair.

Colourful accessories
The kitchen has established itself as a place for play. For this reason, accessories need to not only be varied and offer many useful functions, but they are also more colourful and reinvent themselves in order to meet our desire to create.

Curved shapes and rounded elements that are dictated by use as well as by ergonomics, which are ever more at the centre of the design, come out of drawers and out of the shadows to decorate shelves in our kitchens. They are as colourful as home design elements that can be used to create and “construct” new flavours. 

On our tables, however, perhaps as a way to reassure those dining with us, choices are more classic, as white as the finest china, transparent as the noblest of goblets and featuring understated colours, brightened by small details, which highlight the transparent nature of jugs and glasses. 

But even here small colourful ingenious elements, contrasting interplays and new shapes brighten up our habits with innovation. Without overdoing it. So that we feel at home and our guests always do as well.

Expression with textiles
This next season, manufacturers seemed to have looked to tradition, both in terms of the choice of natural materials – from linen to cotton, hemp and wool – as well as in the use of neutral earth tones or light nuances that create a uniform background with understated prints, or prints that are used in a widespread manner but come in delicate hues, such as antique pink, Pompeii red or Byzantine blue. 

Elegant, understated, measured and chic, however, the home is never too serious or bland. It knows how to have fun and sparkle with tablecloths, runners, dish towels, sheets and towels, always ready to tell a different story thanks to colours rich in character that become bright points in the style of the home. 

Many of the trends for next season in terms of textiles seem to look to the past, as if telling a story as old as time, in which each time we return home, we rediscover – through textiles that are inspired by the greatest of traditions in terms of their manufacture and motifs – a unique way of creating a home, unique in the world, full of different styles and cultures, able to be mixed and matched in a timeless way.

Decorations that make a statement
Home decoration is a truly vast area, made all the more vast by the thousands of offerings that have been launched in a season in which it seems like the home has been rediscovered as a place of refuge. A place where one can interpret the way he spends leisure time in the most personal way. 

Thus, there’s the rediscovery of wallpaper, which is an additional accessory for playing with the pairing of textiles for the home; objects are created in new materials, reinventing shapes and coming back to life with recycled pieces, inspired by nature or perhaps simply reinterpreted in terms of shape or thanks to the use of colour. 

A world that is full of imagination and that is getting colourful with Christmas right around the corner, with playful offerings that reinterpret every object in the home to make us feel like children once again. A continuous evolution of shapes and uses that gets the home environment “moving” thanks to the imagination and variety of offerings at the show.

Now in its fourth edition, Homi Milano will take place at Fiero Milano from September 12-15, 2016, just around the corner from Expo Milan 

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