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Libbey tasting flights suit any fancy

New Inspire Olive Wood Flights deliver high levels of versatility

Everyone in the house – from mixologists to servers and guests – will appreciate the details that differentiate Libbey’s new Inspire Olive Wood Flights.

The trend-right flights, available in 3-well and 5-well versions, allow guests to customize their menus and sample their favourites. It’s a great way to get guests discussing menu items and sharing their experience with family and friends on social media.

Numbered Wells
Help servers and guests keep track of the carefully chosen items in a tasting or sampling, allowing guests to compare, discuss and reorder their favorite bites and sips.

Extra-large area
Provides space for food pairings, affixing a tasting menu or carrying the flight on a busy server's arm.

Server-friendly design
Servers will appreciate deeps wells that keep drinks firmly in place and grooved handles that provide easy drop off and pick up from bar or table tops.

Distinctive wood grain
The olive wood grain provides an alluring presentation and is two times harder than oak, offering superior durability and reduced moisture absorption.

"The flights are a great addition to Libbey's catalog of integrated tabletop solutions and we designed it to appeal to both the front and back of the house,” said Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey Inc.

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