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Alessi - In Praise of the Table

Italian Design Factory Alessi will host a preview of its Autumn/Winter new products in Alessi - In Praise of the Table
at London Design Festival this September

Italian Design Factory, Alessi will unveil its Autumn/Winter new products at LDF this September. During the festival, the Mayfair showroom will host a preview of the new collection featuring brand new pieces such as Grind and Extra Ordinary Metal.

Grind is the new grinder designed by architects Will Alsop and Federico Grazzini that plays with unusual forms, while Extra Ordinary Metal utilises one of the oldest and most fascinating goldsmith techniques interpreted from an industrial point of view.

Designed by William Alsop and Federico Grazzini, Grind is a celebration of the dining table and all those objects that enhance the pleasure of sharing and enjoying good food. The designers have added their own touch to the traditional design of the pepper mill, with the grinding mechanism facing upward. A design feature that is at once stylish and functional. 
Made in die-cast aluminium with a ceramic grinding wheel, Grind is available in either aluminium or black painted aluminium. Easy to use, it allows different millings to suit personal preference and various types of spice: the part housing the grinding wheel can be twisted clockwise for finer grinding, or anti-clockwise for more coarsely ground spices.

Metal processing is at the heart of Alessi and the Extra Ordinary Metal collection brings together the manufacturing expertise of the heritage brand with quintessential elements of Italian culture, exploring exciting new definitions of metallic surfaces. Brass, a malleable material used by the company since the 1930s, has been chosen to offer an industrial take on a refined, ancient goldsmith’s technique: Etruscan granulation.

Granulation is a sophisticated and traditional technique that involves welding tiny gold or silver spheres onto a metal foil to create flourishing and luminous detailing. Often used to produce lavish jewellery, Alessi has applied this cold milling process to a series of contemporary objects to enhance their complex shapes with gleaming, decorative surfaces influenced by the Fibonacci sequence.     
The Extra Ordinary Metal collection includes 16 vessels, trays and coasters all designed in brass with a decorative relief decoration.

Alessi - In Praise of the Table will take place at the Alessi Showroom, 22 Brook Street, London W1K 5DF at 6.30-8.30pm on Monday 18th September 2017 as part of London Design Festival 2017. The Showroom will host a week long preview as part of the Mayfair Design District.

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