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Discover what exciting new products Czech crystal brand Artel will unveil at the upcoming Maison & Objet, Paris, scheduled to take place January 22-26, 2016

Globally-renowned producer of luxury crystal couture Artel pays homage to the lovely and majestic creature of the turtle with Turtle, a meticulously detailed new motif that depicts a fine specimens in all its hand-shelled glory, seen from the side and facing the viewer with an inscrutable reptilian grin.

The new motif is produced using a variety of techniques. The turtle itself is hand-engraved and delicately hand-polished to enhance the subtleties and shading of the turtle's shell, legs and head, while the pebbly ground on which it stands is sandblasted.

Sandblasting involves grinding glass surfaces to produce a matte finish and requires great skill on the part of the artisan, who must control the texture and depth of the design by varying the volume and duration of each sandblast.

Unlike most conventional sandblasted motifs, Turtle will involve five separate layers of sandblasting at different depths to achieve what Artel founder Karen Feldman calls a "truly three-dimensional effect".

According to Feldman, the new motif represents a continuation of her ongoing visual interest in the natural world and the sheer diversity of its fauna, but was specifically inspired by a series of visits with her young daughter to the Prague Zoo.

"Artel has a long history of producing designs that celebrate a wide range of creatures," says Feldman, "so it was really only a matter of time until we got around to designing Turtle - and I'm really pleased with the result. This motif is special not only because the turtle itself is so cute, but also because the multi-layered sandblasting lends it a richness of tone and texture that must be seen (and felt) to be believed."

Find Artel in Hall 7 Stand J147.

Maison & Objet, Paris, which is scheduled to take place from January 22-26, will deliver more than 450 exciting brands. There are a number of changes to the show this edition, including an expanded Scenes d’Interieur and Design a Vivre.

For the first time, the whole of Hall 8 will be given over to Scenes d'Interieur Paris' presentation of the latest collections from major manufacturers and international design companies. Some 50 exhibitors will share this very select setting. In Hall 7, Scenes d'Interieur Gallery will bring together some exceptional creative professionals whose work lies at the crossroads of craftsmanship, art and design.

Now! Design à Vivre sets a new record with more than 250 brands. Sustainability comes into the mix as materials evolve, combine and find unique new uses in beautiful objects and bold, yet functional furniture. More than 250 brands are waiting for you in Hall 7.

For this edition, the Maison & Objet Observatoire takes you off on an adventure! Head for the Forum d'Inspirations in Hall 7 and walk on the wild side with the 'Wild' theme. 

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