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Northmodern opens today!

Home to Nordic and European design companies, Denmark’s premier design show Northmodern opens its design-friendly doors today

Northmodern, Denmark's premier design show, which runs twice yearly in January and August, will open its doors today and will run through January 16.

With a growing international reputation and based in the thriving city of Copenhagen, Northmodern, home to Nordic and European design companies, is the newest place to do business.

Inspired by the Danish Modern movement and Copenhagen’s unique positioning as a top cultural destination, Northmodern showcases the most exciting international talents working today along with the best of Scandinavian design heritage.

Uniting culture with design brands, buyers, press, retail and technology, Northmodern opens up new and exciting possibilities that venture beyond the boundaries of traditional trade fairs accompanied each season by a creative exhibition.

As a celebration of holistic, sustainable contemporary living, the event brings together a unique and well-rounded curation of design, professionals and ideas from other related industries, including contributions from gastronomy, auction houses, galleries and innovative companies. Together, these diverse fields co-exist and redefine each other to create a one-of-a-kind trade show experience for businesses, professionals and design enthusiasts from around the world.

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