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Ambiente visitor standard at highest level

135,000 visitors confirm the status of Ambiente as the world’s leading order platform for the consumer-goods industry

A record level of internationlity on both exhibitor and visitor sides, as well as the highest satisfaction rating of visitors ever, were the defining features of Ambiente 2015, which closed its doors on 17 February.

Altogether, 135,000 buyers from 152 countries made their way to Frankfurt for the leading trade fair of the consumer-goods sector (2014: 143,789 from 161 countries*). “Ambiente is the world’s leading trade fair for the consumer-goods market and this year’s edition was more international than ever before. The standard of visitors here is outstanding. Despite the challenging economic and political climate, the indicators in Germany and worldwide are pointing to ‘consume’”, said Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt GmbH.

Also pleased with the results of the fair was Thomas Grothkopp, Managing Director, German Glass, Porcelain and Ceramic Association (Bundesverband für den gedeckten Tisch, Hausrat und Wohnkultur – GPK), who said, “Ambiente 2015 was held against the background of a positive economic environment and this was apparent on all five days of the fair.”

This year, the proportion of trade visitors from outside Germany reached 53 percent (2014: 51 percent) – more than ever before. The top ten visitor nations after Germany were Italy, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, the USA, Switzerland, China, Turkey and Poland. There was an increase in the number of visitors from important European consumer-goods markets, such as Denmark, France, Portugal and Spain. Above average increases were also noted in the number of visitors from the Middle East and Asia, especially from the world’s most populous consumer-goods markets, China and India. Due to the prevailing political situation, there were, as expected, fewer visitors from Russia and the Ukraine.

Compared to last year, the degree of visitor satisfaction with the fair rose by one percentage point to 97 percent, the highest level ever. Executives, the key to order placement, accounted for 80 percent of all visitors. And this was also noticed by the exhibitors. For example, Manfred Morthorst, CEO of IHR, said, “Ambiente remains the most important fair in the world for us. Here, we reach our German and international customers. This year, there were more international visitors than in the past. Europe, the USA and Canada were well represented. For us, this year’s Ambiente has been highly satisfactory – despite our initial scepticism. The mood was very good and we not only welcomed more visitors but also took more orders.”

Despite the overlap with the German carnival mentioned by many exhibitors and the somewhat lower number of visitors compared to last year, numerous exhibitors in the Living section were satisfied with the attendance.

Daniel Schaugg, CEO of Guaxs Company e.K., said, “Ambiente is one of the most important fairs for us. The atmosphere, the number of visitors and orders taken were better than in 2014 and we are pleased with the mix of nationalities, which is very important for us.” A similar view was taken by Pia van Melick, Assistant to the CEO of Daff GmbH &Co. KG: “In principle, we are highly satisfied with this year’s Ambiente. However, we had the feeling that there were somewhat fewer visitors to our exhibition stand than last year.”

For Steffi Böhme, International Sales, Pappelina, Ambiente is an opportunity not only to cultivate customer relations but also to increase the number of contacts, especially with buyers from outside Germany. “Ambiente is the only German fair that we take part in and at which we have direct contact with our customers. The number of visitors and the propensity to order were good, as was the level of internationality. We had unexpected visitors from Greece and New Zealand, as well as a good blend of existing and new customers.”

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