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Impulse by Tendence rethinks customer retention

A new concept from trade show Tendence concentres sales ideas in a unique online portal all year round

In the past, the success or failure of retail concepts depended very much on location, assortment and price. Today, the parameters of success are significantly more varied.

Thus, in addition to findability on the internet and delivery speed, a clear idea of the customer target group can often have a lasting and positive impact, especially when the assortment has been compiled with this exact group of consumers in mind.

Presentations, customer events, customer retention, future-oriented technologies – insights into which blend of activities is relevant for which retailers and which groups of customers will be offered by Impulse by Tendence in Hall 11.0 at the international consumer-goods fair from 24 to 27 June 2017.

“We support the retail trade in bringing its products to life for customers – events and presentations are the key to attracting consumers more frequently into the shop”, says Philipp Ferger, group show director of the Tendence international consumer-goods fair.

Sponsored by renowned manufacturers from the tableware, kitchen and household segments, including ASA, AdHoc, Blomus, Cosy & Table, ELO Stahlwaren, Eva Solo, Feelino, Jähn, Kahla, Rösle or Robbe & Berking, ‘Impulse by Tendence’ has four main elements:

Create demand – Impulse.pos
Multi-faceted and practice-oriented thematic worlds show how design ideas and events for the point of sale can be used to attract customers’ attention, e.g., cooking, decorating, tasting, baking and mixing cocktails.

Create links – Impulse.tool
Ideas for events and communication come together in the heart of ‘Impulse’. Retailers can access the platform all year round via the website. Continuously, up-dated, this tool provides detailed schedules, checklists, product recommendations and expert contacts. It also incorporates communication proposals, such as posts, social-media guidance and tips on setting-up a community, whereby the user decides on the degree of support required.

Communicate esteem – Impulse.exclusive
Underscored by fascinating table projections, star chefs arrange culinary delights in an exclusive presentation for visitors invited by the exhibitors participating in ‘Impulse by Tendence’.

Take advantage of opportunities –
Technical innovations, market trends, campaigns and communication strategies – this ‘Impulse’ element presents visionary sales opportunities of the future, including holographic support for the shopping experience. 

Impulse by Tendence is a dynamic source of inspiration for creating exciting attractions at the point of sale with clever customer activities combined with products from the core and supplementary assortments. The aim is to remain anchored in the minds of specific customer target groups for a long time. 

“Shopping has long been an event for consumers. They want to find things that they never knew they were looking for. It’s all about inspiration, creating communities and entertainment”, says Ferger. “Tendence brings together sales impulses and thus supports the trade as a unique platform – beginning at the fair and continuing online all year round.” 

Tendence, taking place 24 to 27 June 2017, iis Germany’s most international order venue for the second half of the year. The wide-ranging product portfolio covers fields of the home, furnishing, decorating, gifts, jewellery, fashion accessories, home textiles and outdoor living. Special shows and a wide-ranging complementary programme of events are multi-faceted sources of sales-boosting impulses for retailers. Strong brands and key communicators use this new-products platform to present their trends for the winter and Christmas season. At the same time, they give bulk buyers from the international trade the chance to place orders in good time for their spring and summer collections.

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