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Exhibitors pleased with Tendence

Positioning, new products, bulk orders - Tendence aims for growth and the pole position in 2017

More than any other trade fair, Tendence stands for change and the current challenges facing the international consumer-goods industry. From 27 to 30 August 2016, more than 24,000 buyers (down from 27,4661 last year) took advantage of the event with its 955 exhibitors (down from 1,100 last year) from 45 countries to place orders, discover new products, gain inspiration and make and cultivate contacts.

“Despite challenging indices, the quality of the visitors and the volume of orders placed were excellent. Tendence is the platform for doing good business”, comments Stephan Kurzawski, senior vice president, Messe Frankfurt. “From 2017, all the indicators point to growth. To this end, we are supplementing the profile of Tendence with new product groups and expanding existing ones. Additionally, we will strengthen the new-product character of the fair and attract the bulk-buying business back to Frankfurt. For this, there is only one solution: from next year, Tendence will take the pole position for the second half of the year”, adds the trade-fair manager.

Covering 82,000 sqm of exhibition space (gross), Tendence was once again an important trend-orientation platform for the trade. Buyers not only purchased new consumer goods for the winter season but also successfully tackled the compilation and configuration of their assortments – and this despite the mid-summer weather outside the exhibition halls. After all, putting innovations on the shelves is a must for the busy Christmas season. 

Additionally, exhibitors used Tendence to present their initial SS collections. “The new products being shown by German and international exhibitors were again extremely interesting for the retail trade. This also applies to the supplementary services offered byMesse Frankfurt, such as new products and compact events. From 2017, the emphasis must be on helping Tendence on its way to new successes by communicating the new concept and the earlier dates, as well as the indisputable advantages they offer”, says Thomas Grothkopp, director general of the German Home and Office Association. 

The proportion of international buyers remained unchanged at 20 per cent compared to the previous year. After Germany, the top ten biggest visitor nations were Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, China, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Japan and Spain. The level of visitor satisfaction remained stable from the previous year at 88 per cent.

What the exhibitors said...
Compared to the last edition, this year’s trade fair profited from the first conceptual adaptations and new products groups. Numerous exhibitors said they were pleased with the results of Tendence 2016.

Ulrich Barnewitz, head of the field sales force at Boltze says: “For us, Tendence in Frankfurt continues to be a very important platform for national and international business relations. We are satisfied with the volume of orders placed and also see great potential for the further development of the fair. In this connection, we regard the earlier dates for next year’s fair primarily as an opportunity – for both exhibitorsand visitors.”

Jan Philippi, owner / CEO of Philippi says: “I am really keen on Tendence. No other fair offers such a broad spectrum of first-class exhibitors in the field of high-grade home accessories. After the course of business so far this summer, we had no great expectations and have been very pleasantly surprised. The proportion of international customers, for example, from Russia, the Ukraine and even Australia, was super.”

Finally, talking on Culinary Gifts, Armin H. Enders, marketing and sales director for Germany, AdHoc, says: “For us, Tendence is the most important fair in the second half of the year. Here, customers are distinguished by a high propensity to buy. The changes to the exhibitor structure made so far, for example, with gourmet products, are good and have been given an interested reception by customers. However, the exhibitor structure must become even more varied so that future Tendence fairs continue to be held in high regard.”

Manufacturers, retailers and the fair aim for growth
The mood at the fair was given an additional boost by the plans of Messe Frankfurt to target the needs of the sector even more precisely with an integrated concept to be introduced next year. The concept calls for the reorientation of the long-established event with a three-pronged concept with a stronger focus on product ranges for the spring and summer of the following year. 

Buyers will also be able to see new products for the winter much earlier than at present thanks to the new timing of the fair at the end of June / beginning of July. For those sections of the trade that buy in bulk, this change offers particular strategic advantages. At the same time, exhibitors are well aware that it is up to all concerned to once again make the fair a genuine new-products platform.

The next Tendence will be held at Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre from 24 to 27 June 2017.

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