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Tendence reveals trends

From woods and the colour red to motifs of the sea and industrial ethno chic, Tendence 2016 delivered the trends for winter and spring

Nature and glitter for Christmas, rose quartz and serenity tones for spring. Over four hot summer days, the exhibitors at Tendence, (27 to 30 August 2016) provided inspiration for the German and international retailers and wholesalers, with all the new trends.

Here, we provide a brief overview; anyone who would like more details can find the full report online.

Wood remains naturally beautiful
There is no avoiding wood, either in autumn or winter or in the spring of 2017. It is a unique material in all respects and brings a piece of nature into the home. Products are almost all left in natural finishes, occasionally sprayed and then often in white or an elegant gold, silver or copper.

Red for Christmas
Red is a colour that belongs to Christmastime as the Christmas tree belongs to the Christmas festivities. Red in all different shades. And to go with it, a warm and easily combinable, elegant copper is set to be an equally indispensable part of winter 2016. Gold and silver, and black and white are equally popular.

Trendy duo – rose quartz and serenity
The pastel duo, rose quartz and serenity remain faithfully with us and will, in the spring, not only be creating a stir in the world of fashion, but in interior design too. This is proving to be particularly effective in Easter decorations, which get a contemporary lift with fashionably vibrant colours, as well as some new decorative ideas.

Blue Seaside and Tropical Party
Another strongly represented theme is the world of the wide open sea. Lighthouses, ships and dunes are typical motifs for a stylistic scenario, which avails itself of the entire palette of blues and makes us long for the sea.

Dachshunds on their way in
Butterflies, owls, foxes, and deer – these figurative animal motifs are all very much part of the worlds of stationery and of interior design. Starting this season, the dachshund is now poking an inquisitive nose round the corner and is on the way to becoming a new trendsetter.

Slow life
It is not the grand gesture, but the little, elegant attentions that make life beautiful. Creative designers continue to surprise us again and again with new product ideas, frequently with a home-made look. Products range from little Easter bunnies, made of natural cardboard, to lovingly crafted clouds in parchment paper.

Gifts for gourmets
Chocolates and fudges, with a sophisticated touch of sea-salt, continue as an unbroken trend, as also, however, do healthy options with a nut-chocolate mixture, which have the potential to take the place of the traditional conference biscuits.

Industrial Ethno Chic and Jungle Chic
Grey, beige, nude, mud, black: it is mainly neutral tones that will be all around us this winter. That goes for accessories, just as much as for fashion jewellery. In the coming, cooler months, it is going to be a mix of ethno and industrial styles that are the must-have option.

Tendence – international trade fair for consumer goods
Tendence (24 to 27 June 2017) is Germany’s most international order fair for the second half of the year with an extensive portfolio of products for the home, furnishing, decorating, gift articles, jewellery, fashion accessories, home textiles and outdoor segments. Renowned brands and key communicators use this new products platform to present the latest trends for the coming winter and Christmas season and, at the same time, offer representatives of the large-scale international trade the opportunity to place timely orders for their spring and summer collections.

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