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Affordable advertising for small business

UK company Saluto Business offers small businesses the chance to create a targeted TV advert on a budget

AN Innovative TV advert company in the UK has created a brand new and affordable way for small businesses to get their name circulated on national television.

The unique format will allow anyone in business to create a single advert or campaign advert series, which will be then be televised on mainstream Sky channels and regional TV for little cost.

Designed to target audience attributes such as affluence, postcode areas and age, is especially suitable for businesses with a local market or a campaign which will focus on a very specific audience.

Packages vary in price; starting at £1,500 for general packages, businesses can create promotional adverts in-house, or request a bespoke corporate package created by These are tailor made and priced individually. 

Creative businesses that are handy with a video camera are able to record material and will edit it, ensuring it is compliant with strict broadcast regulations. 

Speaking about the launch, Patricia Serafin-Wynne, from, said: “TV advertising magnifies your businesses visibility, increasing response and sales growth. 

“It supplies an accountable platform to reach your target audience, to achieve long term sustainable growth for your business at low cost.
“With the internet leading the way for advertisers, many businesses will ask, ‘why TV?’ But we believe television is the most cost effective advertising medium with the highest reach.

“TV has an ability to generate more sales, to work both immediately and over the long period of time. With the help of we are able to create an emotional bond between viewer and brand.

“Where companies have previously paid excessively for TV advertisement we are able to come down on that cost and offer a more affordable solution.”
The launch of comes soon after the creation of it’s sister service Saluto.TV, which allows members of the public to share video messages with friends, family and loved ones on national TV. 

They will offer a range of advert slots across the Sky network for the ultimate air-time experience, allowing members of the public to place their special moments in the ad-breaks of channels such as Nickelodeon, MTV or Sky2.

The home-video - which is advised to be shot indoors to avoid background noise- is simply uploaded by the user to the website and then aired on the selected TV channel on the chosen date. 

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