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Cutlery is focus for Alessi campaign

The third instalment in a unified communications campaign for Alessi sees cutlery sets getting a re-packaging makeover

Alessi Cutlery is the third instalment in a unified communication campaign by the design-led brand where the packaging tells the stories of products that tells stories about the company.

Each of the 24-piece sets of cutlery is associated with the painting depicting a dinner table, shown on the packaging, making the retailers small imaginary museums athat tell the story of Alessi through the works of Gauguin, Van Gogh, Paul Klee, Boccioni, Cezanne. 

As in previous packaging projects, “we have tried to exploit the package’s full potential to work in collaboration with shop displays”, says Mario Trimarchi. 

Each set is presented ina compact-sized box reducing its overall dimensions compared to previous versions to facilitate is playing the complete range on the shelf.

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