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Fish flatware from Alessi

Italian design factory Alessi launches its seafood-specific cutlery Colombina Fish as part of its spring/summer 2015 collection

World-renowned designers and architects Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas have created the Colombina Fish collection for Alessi, the collection including all the essential tools needed for preparing, serving and eating fish and shellfish dishes.

The Colombina Fish collection completes the Colombina cutlery set designed by Doriana and Massimialiano Fuksas in 2007. The new additions join the set, recalling its form but with its own distinctive motif – a delicate pattern of fish scales forged onto the handles.

The 11-piece collection has been developed with the culinary expertise of renowned gourmet chef Alberto Gozzi, a long-standing gastronomic consultant to Alessi.

Made in 18/10 stainless steel with a mirrored finish, the cutlery boasts many detailed, precise design features. For example, the left prong of the small and compact oyster and shellfish fork is slightly thinner for the easy extraction of the flesh from the shell while the butter knife has a short, smooth round-tipped blade, and is also perfect for spreading pâté and mousse.

The caviar spoon is for eating caviar au naturel, with just a dash of lemon or small quantities of other garnishes; the shellfish cracker – not to be confused with lobster pliers – is a sturdy utensil with long thin arms and is essential for breaking the claws and harder parts of the shell, leaving the flesh intact.

The shellfish fork is long and has two curved prongsfor pulling the flesh out of the claws and leg segments of lobsters, crayfish, prawns, crabs and other shellfish.

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