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Alessi launches S/S 2015 collection

Mixed materials take centrestage with Italian design factory Alessi's brand new stunning range for spring/summer

Alessi, the Italian design factory, launches its Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Renowned the world over for working with the most covetable names in contemporary design and architecture, Alessi produces Naccessible and timeless design pieces for the home.

Alessi presents its latest collection with products by Marcel Wanders, Peter Zumthor and Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas alongside the projects of emerging young designers as Valerio Sommella and Pauline Deltour. Marcel Wanders encourages us to celebrate breakfast with his new Dressed and Dressed in wood collections. Playing with detail, Wanders combines elegant, yet simple shapes with subtle decoration, paying homage to a daily ritual that he believes deserves renewed attention.

With Dressed in wood, Alessi compliments the ancient tradition of working with wood typical to the Valle Strona, an area in Northern Italy close to where Alessi is based. Dating back to the 1500s, the use of wood in the area has been driven forward over the centuries by skilled craftsmen, which Alessi turned to for the production of this collection.

Eating for Alessi is an art form, with each item on the table carefully chosen for its beauty and practicality. Cutlery is the means to enjoy and savour food, which is precisely what Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas had in mind when creating the Colombina fish cutlery. Designed with the consultancy of the culinary expert Alberto Gozzi, for serving and eating seafood, Colombina represents fish scales in the forged decoration of the handles and also includes an oyster fork and caviar spoon.

Alessi’s expertise in working with metal is showcased in this new collection by the centerpiece Opus by Guido Venturini, part of the Officina Alessi catalogue, and Trinity by Adam Cornish.

Taking inspiration from the softness of lace, Guido Venturini experimented with the endless possibilities of working with metal when designing Opus, a sophisticated modern crochet produced using laser cutting techniques. The result is a centrepiece that resembles fine embroidery, produced entirely in 18/10 stainless steel in Alessi’s factory in Crusinallo.

Trinity, first presented in 2013, evolves this season with a small series of baskets. Australian designer Adam Cornish enriched his collection by taking inspiration from the everlasting spiral structure of the “Nautilus” mollusc shell. Trinity presents a simple geometric form that develops, like a vortex, into an elegant concentric structure. This demonstrates Alessi’s ability and expertise in die stamping on complex metal surfaces beginning with a simple flat sheet.

Following its preview in 2013, Alessi launches Peter Zumthor’s condiment set in glass and silver plated stainless steel. Taking inspiration from natural organic shapes such as crystal, stalagmites and stalactites, Zumthor offers an original interpretation of domestic objects for salt, pepper, oil, vinegar and sugar.

Gabriele Chiave and Lorenza Bozzoli designed Cheese please, a grater with an unmistakable likeness to a cowbell giving a new aesthetic to a traditional object.

This year, Alessi adds to its Objets-Bijoux collection with three new products that play with form and function. Bulla by Valerio Sommella is a bottle opener that can also be worn as a necklace; Chesnut, a stainless steel pillbox and Buckle, a quirky, yet practical tube squeezer by Gabriele Chiave and Lorenza Bozzoli.

The Alessi collection of living accessories is enriched this year by the contemporary wooden coat stand Pierrot designed by French young designer Pauline Deltour.

In 2015 to celebrate the Italian city of Milan as hosts of this year’s Expo, Alessi introduces a new edition of Alessandro Mendini’s corkscrew and a series of five decorated porcelain figurines, each one representing a different aspect of Italian culture and food. The Souvenir d’Italie series reinterpret typical characters associated with areas of Italy including Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Campania, Calabria and Sicily.

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