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Alessi's exclusive Selfridges launch

Alessi launches its latest coffee maker, Pulcina by Michele De Lucchi exclusively at Selfridges at London Design Festival 2015

The new Alessi coffee maker Pulcina by Michele de Lucchi designed in collaboration with illycaffè will be available to buy exclusively at Selfridges during London Design Festival this September.

Pulcina designed by renowned Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi in close collaboration with premium Italian coffee company illycaffé is dedicated to coffee lovers. The 3cups version of the moka will be available exclusively at Selfridges from 19 September until 30 September 2015. 

Pulcina is the result of 15 years of research by Alessi and illy aimed at creating a moka that improves and enhances the organoleptic properties of coffee to simultaneously stimulate all the senses. By closely analysing what takes place inside a coffee pot, illy has identified the ideal shape that the water boiler should have to produce the perfect coffee. 

The internal shape of the Pulcina’s special heater automatically stops filtering the coffee at the right moment. This interruption helps to eliminate the “eruption” phase, the so-called 'Stromboli effect' named after the Italian volcano. This elimination avoids the final filtering stage, which usually generates a burnt and bitter aftertaste. In this way only the finest qualities of the coffee are preserved and its full-bodied flavour and rounded aroma are enchanting to the senses.

The spout is deliberately quite pronounced – its “V” shape, reminiscent of a baby chick’s beak, is specially designed to perfectly cut drops when pouring. Pulcina means chick in Italian; the moka was thus named by Michele De Lucchi because, as he explains, he “designed it in the Chioso where my private studio is located. There, I work alone making my small sculptures and doing my little drawings. Originally, the Chioso was a large chicken coop with many hens, roosters and chicks. An epidemic in the year I was born caused them all to die, so in a sense, I can say that I was the only chick that survived”

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