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Alessi pays homage to Milanese architecture

A tribute to Milanese architecture brings urban scale to the tabletop with Alessi’s Water Tower from architect Daniel Libeskind

The singular addition to the Officina Alessi catalogue for Spring/Summer 2017, Daniel Libeskind’s Water Tower container is a new design challenge.

Inspired by the legacy of Aldo Rossi, Daniel has created a miniature work of architecture for the table reminiscent of the Milanese architect’s analysis of the relationship between urban planning and the domestic landscape.

Water Tower is Daniel Libeskind’s second project with Alessi, following the world-renowned architect’s Time Maze wall clock introduced in 2016.

An interpretation of the iconic American water tanks still seen on New York City rooftops, the Water Tower comprises a mirror-finished cylinder of stainless steel atop a lattice-structure base, capped by a classic, pointed lid.

Both a refined object and manufacturing challenge, this new container is the result of a star architect’s ingenuity and the high level of technical skill of Alessi’s production technicians at their factory in Crusinallo, Italy.

Used to store sugar cubes at the table, to safeguard keepsakes on a nightstand, or to conceal useful items for the desktop, Water Tower scales the grandeur of the urban environment for everyday use in the home.

Says Alberto Alessi of the new Officina Alessi design, “Once a young colleague and friend of Aldo Rossi, Daniel intended to pay tribute to the Milanese architect with this curious object, Water Tower, which evokes the nearly monumental presence of the urban landscape, transforming it into a bold, tabletop-scale work of architecture.”

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