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Messe Frankfurt announces new management report

Management Report on Consumer spending in Europe to be published at Ambiente 2017 in February

Do the Italians and Spanish in fact spend more money on garden furniture than, say, the Germans? Do the French expend particularly large sums of money for ladies handbags and jewellery? And which country is keen to invest its savings in automatic coffee and tea machines? Is it Great Britain, Ambiente's partner country for 2017?

In order to find some answers to these questions, Messe Frankfurt has commissioned a study by Retail Consultants IFH (Institut für Handelsforschung) based in Cologne. The study, entitled 'Consumer spending in Europe' is one of a series of management reports and will appear in time for the upcoming Ambiente, which will take place in Frankfurt am Main from 10 to 14 February 2017.

The report examines and compares European consumer spending in 27 countries belonging to the European Union between 2010 and 2015. It focuses particularly on Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Spain.

The investigation analyses market volumes and the development of sales of consumer goods that are typically seen at the Ambiente trade fair: glass, porcelain and ceramics / household items, small electrical appliances, small items of furniture, jewellery, garden furniture and decorations, as well as leather goods and accessories. Moreover, the study provides information on spending per capita and per household in the individual countries and for individual groups of goods.

The report thus gives an overview of the market developments in the EU and shows which markets will, in future, be of particular interest with regard to which groups of consumer goods.

The publication is part of a series of studies on retail issues that Messe Frankfurt publishes for Ambiente and Tendence.

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