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Annieglass annouces fall/winter 2014 collections

America's premier woman-owned glass studio, Annieglass, releases her handcrafted and seasonally suitable winter glass collection

Known for creating distinctive and original designs that are as functional as they are beautiful, Annieglass - the California-based glass studio - unveiled its new Fall/Winter 2014 Collections at the Summer Market of NY NOW back in August.

All products are designed by artist Annie Morhauser and handcrafted by her team of skilled artisans in her California production studio.

Enchanted by the deep blue of this modern glass colour, and in tune with today's fashion trends in both home and apparel, Annie designed new collection Indigo. This striking new collection of plates, platters, and bowls with a spiraling undulation catches the light with each ripple.

To fuel her passion and talent for extraordinary sculptural glass, Annie created a new limited edition piece, Anemone, frosted and trimmed with 24k gold or genuine platinum. Handcrafted, allowing pieces to ever be alike.

The new Winter Collection includes two beautiful designs - Evergreen and Pine (pictured). This stunning collection of gift and tableware proves the perfect complement to any winter home. Also seasonally inspired and perfect for fall, are Annie's new Leaves, offered in deep green or clear glass.

Finally, the popular Edgey, Salt, Roman Antique, Ruffle and Shell Series also include new additions just in time for the entertaining season.

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