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Arc International re-brands

Arc International launches a brand-new name, simply Arc, and a new logo

As a flagship of French and International tableware, the Arc International group, which manufactures and markets glassware and tableware under different brand names: Arcopal, Luminarc, Cristal d’Arques Paris, Arcoroc and Chef & Sommelier, has chosen to adopt a new name and a new logo.

These changes were implemented when the group, which was recapitalised a year ago, began a phase of in-depth transformation aimed at reconquering numerous markets worldwide.

Arc International is now simply known as Arc, mainly for two reasons: firstly because this shorter and more easily identifiable name was already largely used, and secondly because in the modern-day world, the international aspect is obvious and therefore superfluous.

Arc is also unveiling the group's new logo, which has been redesigned to represent the new and positive dynamics it aims to portray.

The shapes of this new logo are more graphic and therefore more readily understandable. By taking on the appearance of a stylised Champagne glass, wine glass and salad bowl, they visually embody the group's sector of activity: that of tableware.

With its clever play of colours and overlapping transparent shapes, this logo aims to confirm the group's position and its commitment to innovation, quality and customer service. By giving the brand new impetus, it has secured its position in the world of trendy designer products.

The deployment of Arc's new visual identity will be progressively extended to all sites throughout the group, all of which will be given a facelift to match the design of the new company logo.

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