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Arc Group rebrands Luminarc

Following Arc Group's recapitalisation, its brands are undergoing a transformation - the latest rebranding is Luminarc

Since 2015, when it was recapitalized, one of the world’s leading tableware manufacturers, the Arc group, which manfuactures and sells glass products and tableware through its Arcopal, Luminarc, Cristal d’Arques Paris, Arcoroc and Chef&Sommelier brands, has undergone a major transformation.

Not only has the group changed its name (from Arc International to Arc) and logo, but it has revived its entry-level quality brand Arcopal, and is now set to continue the changes with the rebranding of Luminarc.

When Jacques Durand set up Luminarc in 1948, he aimed to offer his customers globally the best products at an affordable price. Now, Luminarc is renewing this commitment with simple, fashionable and clever collecitons. The brand’s film Le Beau accessible a tous ("Beautiful craftsmanship accessible to everyone") can be found on YouTube.

Renowned for delivering beautiful craftsmanship at accessible prices, and with all product sold in Europe manufactured Arques, France, the birthplace of the Arc Group, Luminarc has a new logo, new products and new categories of products.

“Luminarc’s ambition for 2017 is to boost the tableware sector by becoming the customers’ favourite brand,” says the Arc Group. 

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