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Arc relaunches Arcopal brand

The Arc International group has relaunched production of its Arcopal products with new designs and shapes

Originally founded in France in 1958, and well-known in France, Spain and the Middle East, the operations of Arc International brand Arcopal  were suspended at the end of the 1990s.

The Arcopal brand has significant emotional capital and is synonymous with Made in France quality. With this reputation and an incredible brand presence on social networks, Arc International has decided to relaunch the Arcopal brand.

Featuring new designs and shapes, Arcopal will be a highly accessible brand positioned at entry-level quality.

Arcopal products are authentic, extremely solid, long-lasting and practical, offering timeless and reassuring designs which appeal to everyone. 

Archibald, the friendly orange elephant and brand mascot, endorses the Arcopal promise: resistance and durability. Arcopal uses Opale, a tempered material which is three times more resistant to chipping and breakage than porcelain.

To mark the return of Arcopal and ensure a smooth handover, in addition to completely new and current collections, the Arc International Group is relaunching two limited editions of the brand's iconic designs: Lotus, which features orange floral patterns and Véronica with blue forget-me-not patterns.

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