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Artel introduces new crab and lobster motifs

Producer of luxury crystal couture Artel pays homage to the mystery of crustaceans with the release of Crab and Lobster motifs

Of all the creatures in the sea, none are more mysterious – or more highly revered by cultures around the world – than the crab or the lobster. Admired as much for their unique anatomy as for their deliciousness, images of both species are ubiquitous anywhere ocean breezes blow.

This summer, Artel – the globally renowned producer of luxury crystal couture – pays homage to their mystique with the release of CRAB and LOBSTER, two meticulously detailed new motifs that depict these iconic crustaceans in all their exoskeletal glory.

In addition, Artel is introducing a vibrant new color, burnt orange, bringing the total number of their glassware color options to 19. With its rich, warm tone evoking autumn leaves, pheasant feathers, or the afterglow of a summer sunset, burnt orange complements any décor and is a perfect choice for al fresco dining.

According to Artel founder / director Karen Feldman, the new CRAB and LOBSTER motifs represent a continuation of her ongoing visual interest in all things aquatic. “As longtime Artel fans know, I am fascinated by the wonders of the undersea world. We have a long history of creating sea-themed designs – including ATLANTIS, FRUTTI DI MARE, STARFISH, OCTOPUS, SEAHORSE, and SEASHELLS) – and the new motifs make a great addition to this collection. Ideal as gifts for fishermen, sailors, or anyone who loves the ocean, the intricately engraved textural details of CRAB and LOBSTER are especially well suited to some of our larger shapes like wine glasses, Double Old Fashioned glasses, or decanters.”

As for the new burnt orange color, Feldman reveals that it, too, has been a long time coming. Although Artel’s artisans had produced several variations over the years, she was never satisfied with the results of their efforts. The new version was “developed entirely by accident,” says Feldman, “while some of our craftsmen were experimenting with color for a custom order. As soon as I saw it I knew we had to make it part of our permanent color collection.”

Established in 1998 by American designer and entrepreneur Karen Feldman, Artel specialises in handcrafted, functional crystal glassware of high design. The company takes its name from an early- 20th-century collective of Czech artisans whose dedication to preserving the traditional methods of handcraftsmanship led them to reject industrial production techniques. Artel carries on the spirit of these artisans and their commitment to producing – entirely by hand – lasting objects of impeccable quality, design, and functionality. Artel’s innovative product line can be found on the shelves of Asprey, Thomas Goode, Paul Smith and Christian Dior, among other exclusive retailers.

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