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Artel announces store exhibition

Czech couture crystal brand Artel to exhibit cut glass motifs executed by master glasscutter Ales Zverina at its concept store

From Artel, a Czech couture crystal brand that specialises in handcrafted, functional crystal glassware of high design, comes a new in-store exhibition. Honouring both a traditional method of glass production and a master of that technique, Artel’s Concept Store
presents an exhibition of cut-glass motifs executed exclusively for the brand by award-winning master glasscutter Aleš Zverina.

Entitled Ancient Technique / Modern Design, the exhibition will be on view through spring 2017 at Artel’s store at Platnerska 7, with an opening reception to be held on Thursday, 6 October from 6-9pm.

The focus of the exhibition is cut glass – crystal that has been hand-decorated using rotating abrasive wheels to cut patterns into its surface. One of the oldest traditional methods of glass decoration, cut glass dates back many centuries and is a defining element of classic Bohemian crystal design.

The new exhibition will feature three Artel design motifs that utilise this highly specialised method of production – Faceted, Glacier, and Viden – each of which is executed for Artel by award-winning master glasscutter Aleš Zverina.

Based in Nový Bor, a traditional glass production center in the Liberec region of the Czech Republic, Zverina has served as one of Artel’s top glasscutters since 2003.

His exceptional skill and artistry as a glasscutter is constantly in high demand, and he has also done commissioned collaborations with many of the top Czech
glass producers.

This exhibition provides a unique opportunity for the public to view a wide range of work from a master artisan.

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