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Arzberg launches 1920s-inspired range

Designed by Serena Confalonieri, Arzberg's new Serena Dark and Light patterns evoke the classic floral motifs of the Art Nouveau period

Porcelain brand Arzberg has launched a brand new pattern Serena - in both Light and Dark - on its Profi range of dinnerware.

The pattern created by the thin white line evokes the classic floral motifs of the Art Nouveau style, while the defining solid line is reminiscent of the Tiffany leaded-glass technique so typical of the period, where the contours and design of the stained glass were edged with thin metal strips.

The colour palette likewise echoes shades that date back to the 1920s. The presence of different colours on the inner surface of each plate increases the scope for creative mixing and matching, combining the patterns with the monochrome colours of the full Profi range.

Under the artistic direction of newly appointed Italian Paola Longoni, the Serena design arose from a desire to apply and enhance the stylistic features that characterise Arzberg’s Profi collection of plates designed by Heike Philipp. The hallmark and success of this collection is the unusual contrast with the inner area of the plate.

“I decided to use this white line as the decorative centrepiece: The line breaks away from the perimeter of the plate and moves inwards, drawing sinuous geometric shapes that close to form a pattern," says designer, Serena Confalonieri.

In keeping with the new Arzberg Serena Dark and Serena Light designs, the same textile series is also available in a floral design to create the right kitchen style. Tea towels, placemats, pot holders, oven gloves and aprons are made from 100% cotton and completely withstand washes at 40 degrees.

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