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Arzberg reveals new Tric colour

German porcelain brand Arzberg has introduced on-trend tone Amarena to one of Germany’s bestselling porcelain collections Tric

Arzberg unveiled its new colour for Tric at the recently-held Ambiente 2016.

The new Tric colour Amarena is a deep red that snuggles up to the lustrous porcelain with a warm and contented air and gives the geometric form an entirely new hint of sensuality.

With Amarena, Arzberg has introduced an on-trend colour to porcelain. Fashion was dominated by dark red tones last year, and these are now commonplace in interior design, too.

This exciting colour does not require a lot of decoration: natural materials such as rough wood combined with Arzberg’s simple glassware and plain linen napkins, ideally paired with vintage cutlery and a few wild flowers, and there you have it, a modern Bohemian style – feminine and romantic, but not too quaint.

Amarena also gets along really well with other Tric colours such as the subtle Cool, the radiant Sun and the cool Caribic.

Tric from the designer Michael Sieger is one of the bestselling porcelain collections in Germany. It embodies the ideal combination of style and quality, without compromising on functionality. This collection with a retro feel is ideal for everyday use – uncomplicated and versatile thanks to being made up of practical individual pieces.

Multi-functionality was high on Michael Sieger’s agenda when developing Tric. For example, one saucer fits four different cups, and they will not wobble – even when you stack them on top of each other. Thirteen soft and bright colours work their way across the conical form of the line and can be mixed up freely on the table to varying degrees.

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