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ASA embraces trend for grey

German company presents its 2014 novelties in elegant forms and neutral shades

Grey and white shades are the basis for ASA Selection’s brand-new Lava décor, a relaxed and elegant home story that accentuates the company’s design lines, such as Space, Bottle Ease, Concreto, Submarine and Quadro.

Far more than just a strongly designed play of colours, the surface paintings and structures of the Lava decor exert a haptic invitation, while the strong emotionality of Lava softens the purity of the white surfaces.

Lava Space: Quiet and subtle is the organic shape language of this ceramic vase series. With pure white decor as well as with the Lava decor both versions emphasise the exquisite aesthetic of modern interior decoration.

Lava Bottle: These ceramic vases represent pure freshness with their plain white glaze. The slightly curved silhouette gives the slim shapes a sovereign serenityThe vase ensemble itself is a decorative highlight, and even moreso when the white models are arranged with the Lava decorated ones. The Bottle vases are also available in the colour combination, lime and apple.

Lava Ease: The pure elegance of the ease shapes loses its aloofness through the Lava design. In addition to the matt grey volcanic surface structure, dark, almost-black dots initiate strong sympathetic attraction.

Lava Concreto: The contrast could not be more harmonious – think clear, simple shapes as well as monochrome colours on one side, structured surfaces which awake the wish to touch on the other: all products of the Concreto series present themselves as sovereign product personalities.

Lava Submarine: The shapes of the Lava Submarine series are reminiscent of pebbles, which were polished from the power of water until smooth. This effect is supported by the vivid natural appealing structures of the Lava design. The Lava Submarine products resemble worry stones, all of which additionally fulfil a decorative and useful function.

Lava Quadro: As if made from one piece, Lava Quadro vases and planters emit this monolithic tranquility. Although the shapes are simple, they appeal strong in character – as soloist as well as in a group. They provide for the respective content a sensational performance.

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