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Collection debuts for cat lovers

Australian-owned homewares company Ashdene offers a ceramic range featuring cute cats and pretty poems

From homewards brand Ashdene comes a ceramic collection fashioned with our feline friends.

It's All About Meow is an inspirational collection designed by Bob Bowdige that will delight cat and kitten lovers alike. Our feline friends have been lovingly illustrated to capture their curious and playful nature. 

Pastel palettes with four different poems on each of the mugs that will touch your heart. Ceramics are Microwave and dishwasher safe and textiles are all Machine washable Trays are dishwasher safe. Pieces include coupe fine bone china mugs in green, yellow, blue an drink; melamine snack trays in pink and green; an extra large melamine tray in pink; and kitchen textiles, including a tea towel, apron, pot holder and oven glove in pink. 

The following prose is used on the mugs as well as the various Meow product items in the collections.

The delicate grace of a feline reminds us
That beauty is everywhere
And they truly are one of nature’s sweetest creations.

The curious nature of the feline species
Provides cat lovers
With an endless source of amusement

Four little kitten paws
Will wear a path to your heart
Giving you joy, friendship and love
That cannot be measured

May the days of every feline
Be filled with sunshine & butterflies
A garden full of catnip,
And their world filled with love for retail online orders

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