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Olive wood is new at Atelier du Requista

Chosen for its hardness and veining patterns, olive wood is the latest material choice for Laguiole marquetry knives and cutlery

Knife handle work is essential at Atelier du Requista, a French company that has been combining its skill with Laguiole cutlery to create knives and cutlery in solid marquetry for the past 20 years.

The materials chosen by the founder of Atelier du Requista, Herve Line, to create its outstanding cutlery and knives often includes precious woods with innovative materials. The blades are forged in Laguiole and marked 'Line-Golz'. Metallic pieces are finished and adjustments and assembly are all carried out entirely at the Requista workshop.

One of the latest creations from the founder of Atelier du Requista, Herve Line, is olive wood, which has been chosen for its hardness and veining patterns.

The olive wood has been used to create the Delta Shape table cutlery, characterized by a handle that widens gradually from the bolster to the tip of the handle, providing the cutlery with an elegant, ergonomic look. 

The Delta Shape has also been used in the Laguiole Cube Rouge table knives - they come in solid marquetry combining ebony from Gabon, burr maple and red stamina.

A marquetry specialist, Herve Line also designs unique personalised items on request.

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