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Inspired by Art Deco

High-end French flatware brand Atelier du Requista draws inspiration from the Roaring Twenties for its latest cutlery collection Folies Bergeres

This season, Hervé Liné has drawn inspiration from Art Deco for the handles of a cutlery collection entitled ‘Folies Bergères’ after the famous Belle Epoque Parisian music hall.

In solid marquetry, the handles are made of ebony from Gabon, Elforyn (a mineral‐based composite very similar to ivory) and Negundo burr maple that has been stabilised and dyed orange.

Like other collections from the Atelier du Réquista, this model inspired by the Roaring Twenties is available as table knives, forks, spoons, serving spoons and more.

About Atelier du Requista
Hervé Liné, founder of Atelier du Requista, has always worked with wood and marquetry. For about twenty years now, in Sebrazac close to the town of Laguiole, he has been combining his wood experience and skills with Laguiole cutlery to create knives and cutlery in solid marquetry.

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