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Dansk debuts eclectic collection

Create unique combinations with Dansk’s latest tabletop offering, The Burbs

For more than 50 years, Dansk, has been known for its modern Danish design - innovative and contemporary products that make dining and entertaining both easy and stylish.

And its latest launch, The Burbs, is no different, offering something new yet staying true to its Danish traditions.

Due to debut at The New York Tabletop Show at 41 Madison from April 22-25, The Burbs is a complete collection of versatile pieces for both outdoor and indoor dining.

Giving a generous nod to mid-century design, The Burbs features carved stoneware dinnerware sets in core colours layered with whimsical mix-n-match patterned melamine, colour rimmed glassware and flatware sets.

The eclectic tabletop items are paired with co-ordinating home accents, which include a bread box, a flip-top trash can, wood and colourful modular baskets.
All items in the collection are unified by their understated colour palette and geometric accents.

Discover The Burbs, as well as a number of other Dansk products, as well as other brands in the Lenox portfolio, on the 24th floor at 41 Madison during The New York Tabletop Show, April 22-25.

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