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Baccarat reissues crystal Sun Clock

As part of ist 250th Anniversary, the luxury French crystal brand has reissued 25 copies of the Sun Clock

This year, French luxury brand Baccarat is celebrating ist 250th anniversary, and to celebrate, is reissuing the Sun Clock, which was originally designed in 1948 by Georges Chevalier.

The designs of Georges Chevalier (1894-1987), who was artistic director of Baccarat from the 1920s to the 1970s, were larely responsible for propelling Baccarat into the modern era. With his purity of line and geometric style cues, his signature is clearly legible, marking the stylistic power of the first artist to work fort he Manufacture.

Inspired by the symbol of the Sun, King Louis XIV used on the gates of his Palace at Versailles, the Horloge was displayed that same year in New York for the opening of the first Baccarat boutique in the US.

Its most famous buyer was none other than playwright Arthur Miller, who chose it to decorate the Manhattan apartment he shared with his wife, Marilyn Monroe. This remarkable piece continues to fulfil ist illuminating destiny today and will embody the quintessential Baccarat savoir-faire until the end of time.

Just 25 copies are to be made.

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