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Independent business owners split on Brexit

British Independent Retailers Association reveals that independents are split on whether to leave or stay in the EU

Small shop owners are more inclined to vote to remain in the EU than to leave on 23 June, but a critical number have yet to make their minds up.

A ballot of members held at the bira High Street Conference on 11 May included an option that will not be available to voters on the day of the referendum - undecided.

The final figures were:
• Remain 50 per cent
• Leave 41 per cent
• Undecided 9 per cent

This is close to the results from the latest poll of polls and that figure for the Don't Knows means that predicting the result on the day is extremely difficult.

The audience of small business owners cast their votes having heard speeches for and against Brexit from businessman Jonnie Arkwright for the former and Chuka Umunna MP for the latter.

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