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Bomma announces Pop-up store

Luxury Czech crystal brand Bomma’s new pop-up in Prague will open April 2

Czech crystal brand Bomma will open a Pop-up Store as part of the Pop-Up: Glass, a glass programme in Prague that will present exhibitions from a selection of young, dynamic Czech glass brands and designers and talents of Czech glass.

Design talents of contemporary Czech glass brands, including Bomma, will present select pieces over the three months within the emerging Museum of Modern Glass ZIBA, which is housed in an iconic building, the former Zivostenska Bank a in Prague Na Příkopě and Nekázanka streets.

Bomma will reveal in Prague for the first time the entire collection as well as new products that have only been show so far at Maison & Objet in Paris and at Ambiente in Frankfurt.

Bomma’s installation concept consists of a distribution of gigantic, precisely blown glass objects that form embryo-like structures growing out of the dark depths of the Earth. It’s like crystal clear shapes are being born, reminiscent of incubating embryos. Bomma had previously introduced the concept of large cracking balls in such dimensions last year at a very successful exhibition Tim Burton and His World where notorious characters from Burton's movies, Oompa Loompa and other creatures dwelled inside the pieces.

The exhibition and shops will be open to the public from April 2 through June 30, 2015, on the ground floor of ZIBA Museum of Modern glass in Na Příkopě and Nekázanka street, Prague.

About Bomma
Crystal manufacturer and designer Bomma boasts high
quality products cut from the genuine Bohemian crystal. Bomma follows the rich tradition of Czech crystal
manufacturing in the cradle of its birth in Svetlanad Sazavou. Bomma combines traditional Czech glass craft with the latest designs and technology. Bomma co-operates with leading Czech and foreign designers. Bomma aims to have its crystal become a symbol of quality, beauty and lasting value passed from generation to generation. Bomma’s works are displayed in prominent Czech and international galleries, such as Modernista, Futurista, Gallery Mint, La Rinascente Milan and FBC London.

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