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Loveramics launches Barista-winning coffee cups

Designed by Simon Stevens, the newly-launched Bond cappucino cups will feature in the World Barista Championship 2015 Brew Bar Cups

Known for its Professional Coffee series, Loveramics has launched a new addition to this range, Bond Cappuccino Cups, which will be used at the brew bar of the World Barista Championship 2015 in Seattle, USA.

Designed and crafted with an attention to every detail by award-winning product designer Simon Stevens, who is a driving force in ceramic design, Bond is a twist on the traditional Egg and Tulip Shapes. The Bond cappuccino range gives you a unique way to brew and drink your fine coffee.

Bond features an understated straight-sided outer profile which allows you to stack your cups high, which saves space for your coffee machine storage.

The inside profile is a super “round continuous curve” created by computer modeling. This creates a spherical interior that all professional baristas want, allowing the aroma to develop to its fullest.

The inner and outer profiles of the cups provide an ultra-thick wall. This thickness not only makes the cups super durable for both commercial and personal use but maintains the temperature of the coffee. The cups further retain the heat by its heat trap design created by the extra space at the base.

The visually striking angle of the avant-garde handle modifies the cups centre of gravity, giving you balance when pouring your latte art and comfort when drinking.

Nine dynamic colours are available for you to mix and match, create a unique visual concept. Style and function in harmony giving Bond a strong contemporary character.

The Bond Cappuccino Cups will be used at the brew bar of the World Barista Championship 2015 in Seattle, USA.

About Loveramics
We make contemporary ceramics that are functional, fun and affordable. We want to bring you the modern ways of using it, to eat, cook and drink from it.
Loveramics is an international brand. We design and manufacture lovely ceramics for the energetic youth, the contemporary lovers. From coordinating tableware, kitchen prep tools to coffee making, we design timeless pieces for everyone.

About Simon Stevens
Simon Stevens is an award winning product designer and a driving force in ceramic design. Simon has worked with some of World’s most prestigious ceramic manufacturers and has taught and lectured on the subject throughout the UK. He has headed up Design Teams for lifestyle brands and now continues his design career in the established Simon Stevens Design Studio based in London. Simon’s dynamic creativity resulted in his most successful designs being in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art.

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