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Burleigh commemorates royal birth

Stoke-based historic pottery Burleigh marks the birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge with a commemorative mug

Its not just the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who have been on standby for the birth of their baby, Burleigh have been busy over the last few months creating a new commemorative design to welcome into the world the new Princess.

Burleigh, whose historic home Middleport Pottery, is owned by The Prince's Regeneration Trust, one of HRH the Prince of Wales's charities,
has been making commemorative ware since Queen Victoria's day using the same techniques in its grade II* home.

Sebastian Lazell, Managing Director of Burleigh, said: "Its fascinating to think that the liquid clay slip we will be making to produce these mugs will be mixed using the same machinery that was used to produce royal commemoratives dating back to the reign of Queen Victoria, the great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother of the new Princess! Collectors and Royal enthusiasts alike can buy something that they know has been made by hand in England."

Sarah Heaton, Burleigh Designer, who designed the mug said: "I based this new design on the one we first used for the Diamond Jubilee in 2012. We have so many collectors of our Royal pieces I wanted to create something that would either stand on its own, or fit into an existing collection which is something Burleigh has a long tradition of doing over
our 164 year history. I’ve created a new font for the front of mug which is unique in style and we've also created a special 'Royal' backstamp which features a coronet of the princess of royal blood specifically appropriate for a second grandchild to the heir to the throne."

The handcrafted mug to mark the Princesses arrival will be decorated in Burleigh's iconic delicate and enchanting Asiatic Pheasant Pink and can be reserved,

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