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La Rochere collaborates with designers

French brand La Rochere Glassworks delivers two exciting products courtesy of its collaboration with cutting-edge designers

La Rochère glassworks regularly calls on contemporary designers to enrich and reinterpret its collections.
The Blossom line was designed by Jean‐François d'Or, a Belgian industrial designer. It has 3 elements: a glass, a shallow bowl and a small salad bowl. It is designed with a contemporary edge to present starters, salads, petits fours and desserts...

Toying with thickness and width, these three elements have a quilted effect that allows light to diffract through the glass. The bottom of the small salad bowl and shallow bowl are flat whilst the glass has a curved base, like a spinning top.

Of cubist inspiration, the two "unbalanced" glasses in the Misfit range, a tumbler and a high ball, were designed with festivities in mind. Alain Villechange, their designer, is one of the rare master glassmakers who has mastered the traditional technique of transforming tubes and rods of glass. After 10 years of apprenticeship in France, Germany and the United States, he has opened his own workshop where he creates unique objects for interiors and tableware.

About La Rochère
La Rochère glassworks were founded in 1475 and have been managed by the family since 1858. Today, the company's business is shared between the construction market (manufacturing bricks, tiles and glass paving) and tableware. It designs products for the general public as well as professionals in the catering and hotel industries. La Rochère draws its creative inspiration from its archives and also works with contemporary designers. The company generates around 40% of its revenue overseas with over 60% of its tableware sold as exports.

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