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Ceram changes its name to 'Lucideon'

Staffordshire-based international materials technology company Ceram Research Ltd. announces its new identity and name

Independent materials technology company Ceram Research Ltd, has announced that from February 1, 2014, it will be changing its name to Lucideon.
The move by the company, which offers materials development, testing and analysis, is designed to bring all its newly acquired businesses together under one banner.
Alongside the new name change – Lucideon is made up of two words ‘Lucid’, as in making things clear, and ‘Eon’, meaning a period of time – the company will be given a fresh look, with a new logo, signage and website.
“As the group has acquired new interests, the range of different company names has become confusing for our clients. So we have come up tiwht a single identity that will incorporate all of our businesses and which will reflect what we stand for as an organisation,” explains chief excecutive, Tony Kinsella.
The name change will help bring all our operations together under one identity and give us a strong base to move forward,” explains Tony.

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