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UK ceramics spotlighted in parliament

Calls for UK Prime Minister to give post-Brexit assurances to ceramics industry

Last week during Prime Minister’s Questions Stoke-on-Trent South MP Rob Flello called on the UK Prime Minister Theresa May to give assurances to the ceramics industry that it will maintain free access to the Single Market and a level playing field on international trade after the UK leaves the European Union.

The EU is an important market for the industry, which also benefits from special EU measures aimed at curbing dumped Chinese tableware and ceramic tiles. 

British Ceramic Confederation chief executive, Dr Laura Cohen welcomed Mr Flello’s PMQ, saying: “We are grateful to Rob Flello MP for raising this important issue with the Prime Minister Half of UK ceramic sector exports are sold in the European Union, currently with tariff and paperwork-free access. 
“The EU has introduced anti-dumping duties to ensure more of a level playing field for UK ceramics tiles and tableware manufacturers in the face of protectionist Chinese dumping. These companies employ 6,000 people between them plus extra in their UK supply chain. 

We need UK Government to work with us urgently to develop a way forward that supports these UK manufacturing businesses after we leave the EU. It is disappointing that the Prime Minister did not offer that commitment in her reply to Rob Flello’s question. ”

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