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New wine line from Chef&Sommelier

French glassware brand Chef&Sommelier have created a brand new wine line called Reveal'Up offering 11 glasses

A brand within Arc International, Chef&Sommelier have created a brand new wine line called Reveal'Up.

The brand's balanced design combined with the absolute transparency of Kwarz® offers a clear picture of the wine's colour. These glasses are lovely to hold and easy to swirl to reveal the wine's properties. They are also very elegant and comfortable to drink from.

The large oxygenation surface encourages the wines to breathe and express the characteristics of the grapes. The tapered shape of the upper part of the glass dampens the release of alcohol from young wines, instead revealing their full aromas.

With its two models, Soft and Intense, the Reveal'Up collection is suitable for young wines and also more mature bottles.

Reveal'Up glasses combine resistance and elegance for easy service in any dining room.

The angle of the bowl creates a natural gauge for pouring the perfect amount of wine. The glass can be highlighted by a discreet logo which makes them ideal for serving wine by the glass.

The Reveal'Up Soft tumbler can be placed on its chiller base, elegant and sleek in design, which keeps white wines, rosés and sparkling wines at their ideal temperature.

About Chef&Sommelier
Created in 2007 by the Arc International Group, thanks to its glass-making expertise the brand Chef&Sommelier anticipates and meets professional requirements of the wine and catering industries. Chef&Sommelier make glasses in France from a revolutionary material: Kwarx® (

About Arc International
Founded in 1825 in Arques in northern France, Arc International manufactures and sells glass products and table art through its brands Luminarc, Cristal d’Arques Paris, Arcoroc and Chef&Sommelier. It exports over 80% of products manufactured on its historic site. Arc International has a presence on 5 continents through its different production sites and distribution subsidiaries.

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