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Chilewich opens first retail store

Tabletop textile brand Chilewich opens the doors of its first retail store in the Flatiron District in New York City

Chilewich, the world renowned textile design brand, is proud to announce the opening of its first retail store at 23 East 20th Street in the Flatiron District in New York City. Sandy Chilewich, Creative Director and Founder, explains the context for the store opening: “For quite some time we knew that we needed to improve how our products were displayed in stores around the world. We needed designers who would be genuinely respectful and inspired by our products and our unique brand voice. We were looking for originality and a concept which would become a signature for our brand at retail.”

“While walking in SoHo with my husband and business partner, Joe Sultan,” says Sandy, “we noticed a tiny artisanal confectionary store called ‘XOCOLATTI’. We were so impressed with the impactful and ingenious presentation which they created in such a small space that we tracked down the designers, De-Spec.” Sandy goes on to explain, “We asked them to submit concepts for displaying our wide range of products in a unified
and powerful way. They presented such a compelling display solution, which was so elegant in its simplicity, that we realised we wanted to introduce this concept in our very own retail store. We have never had an opportunity before now to showcase all our merchandise our own way under one roof.”

Farnaz Mansuri, Founder and Principal Designer at De-Spec, describes the initial process and concept for the store: “When I got the email about Sandy Chilewich’s inquiry to meet us, I was thrilled as I knew about their products. But once we saw the range, the way the fabrics are made, it was like being in a ‘Joseph Albers’ book only made of thread and lines. Colors are overlaid into each other to make new colors with depth in a way that was sublime.”

Farnaz continues to explain, “Our first attempt was to make a 3D matrix of total range of colors, textures and shapes. The chart turned out beautifully and we knew we wanted to present this matrix which became the impetus of the display systems.” The pioneering store layout features a modular display system allowing a myriad of shapes, sizes and styles to be displayed and interchanged effortlessly in the 820 square foot space. The new retail store will offer the most comprehensive collection of Chilewich tabletop and flooring designs under one roof.


Sandy Chilewich and her original textiles have been enhancing interiors around the world since 2000. Each season, from her NYC studio, Sandy creates a new collection that reflects her distinctive aesthetic and unique vision. Chilewich manufactures a wide range of products using their proprietary textiles which are woven exclusively in the USA. Together with her husband and business partner, Joe Sultan, Sandy continues to stretch the boundaries of what to expect from a textile. Chilewich designs are renowned worldwide for their durability, ease of care and inventive design.

De-Spec is an award winning internationally recognized multidisciplinary practice with a focus on the relationof space and its occupant, developing spatial typologies for an architecture that is experienced inside and out. The name De-Spec itself is a derivative of de-speculative. The act of de-speculating is applied to most projects as a form of ‘de-construction’ of site and program in search of content and experience.

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