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Churchill’s EP Award via social media

Now in its third year, Churchill’s Exceptional Presentation Award will include a ‘peoples choice’ award voted via social media on October 7, 1pm-4pm

Flavour combinations and taste are top priority for finalists in the National Chef of the Year grand final, but every year the thought and detail that goes into presentation creates a visual feast for onlookers.

Now in its third year, Churchill introduced the ‘Exceptional Presentation Award’ to celebrate presentation skills and to reward one of the finalists for their work on Churchill’s product.

Previously decided by Churchill’s head of new product development, this year the award will be a ‘peoples choice’ via social media giving everyone the opportunity to get involved and interact with the competition.

Voting will be across Churchill’s three social media channels and a picture of each course from each finalist will be posted from the final on 7th October 1pm onwards as they are presented.

Twitter: @churchill1795
Facebook: /churchill1795
Instagram: churchill_1795

To vote all of the below will count ...

Twitter: All retweets & favorites
Facebook: Likes & shares
Instagram: Likes

To be counted votes must be cast on Churchill’s accounts.

All voting will be cut off at 4pm and then counted across all three courses for each finalist - the winner will be the one with most votes.

All tweets relating to the award will feature #NCOTYGetInvolved

Churchill PR Manager Donna Frosdick says:

‘The competition is such an important event in the UK chef calendar and its prestigious nature means people are really interested in seeing the final dishes. By opening up the award to public judging its a great way for everyone to get involved in the final by voting for their favourites.’

Previous winners include David Bush in 2013 and Hayden Groves in 2012. This years prize is a framed award plate and £250 worth of Churchill branded product.

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