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Opportunity for retailers at the CoCA Shop

The store at the recently opened Centre of Ceramic Art invites ceramic artists to submit designs for sale

The Centre of Ceramic Art has a unique shop offering a range of work by artists working with clay. It will offer ranges of high-end ceramics, affordable pieces and anything in between.

The same high standards that apply to acquisitions for York Art Gallery’s collection will be applied when choosing work. When acquiring work for the collection CoCA look for unique, interesting and significant work by local, national and international artists.

They are looking for works that reflect a range of styles and techniques, revealing the creative practice of contemporary potters.

CoCA is aiming to continue to build its collection to reflect its designated status with the specific aim of creating a pre-eminent resource for the study and enjoyment of British studio ceramics in the UK.

For more information about opportunities to retail your work in the CoCA shop please see the Curator Space website.

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